Title - Adult Resources
Seven Choices: Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World Elizabeth Harper Neeld
Tough Transitions Elizabeth Harper Neeld
Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies J. William Worden
No time for Goodbyes, Coping with Sorrow, Anger and Injustice After a Tragic Death-5th ed. Janice Harris Lord
Living Through Mourning, Finding Comfort and Hope When a Loved One Has Died Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Helping Children Cope With Grief Alan Wolfet, Ph.D.
How It Feels When A Loved One Has Died Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can, How Young Widows and Widowers Can Cope and Heal Linda Feinberg
The Loss That is Forever, The Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father Maxine Harris, Ph.D.
Explaining Death to Children Grollman EA, ed.
No Time for Good-byes: Coping with Sorrow, Anger and Injustice After a Tragic Death Janice Harris Lord
Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss Hope Edelman
What About the Kids? Understanding Their Needs in Funeral Planning and Services The Dougy Center
Helping Teens Cope with Death The Dougy Center
A Child’s View of Grief Wolfelt, Alan D. & Mackey, Lori
Living When a Loved One Has Died-2nd ed. Earl A. Grollman
Title - For Teens
Help for the Hard Times
Earl Hipp
Help for the Times, Getting Through Loss
Earl Hipp
Title - For Children Author
Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children
Mellonie B, Ingpen R.
The Next Place
Warren Hanson
Lost & Found: Remembering a Sister
Ellen Yeomans
The Saddest Time
Norma Simon
The Fall of Freddie the Leaf Leo Buscaglia
Gentle Willow
Joyce C. Mills
When Dinosaurs Die
Lauren Krasny Brown & Marc Brown

10 Things Grieving Children Want to Know

National Alliance for Grieving Children
Parents while grieving
CNN - Katia Hetter
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